Whole30 – Round Up

I’m a lot late with this, mostly due to being on holiday and having a terrible WiFi connection. Against my better judgement I didn’t ease out of my Whole30 restrictions

What I learned about my eating habits.

  1. Sugar is everywhere! And we thought we already “avoided” sugar.
  2. Emotional/ stress eating – get headache or feel cold, want tea. Feel sad and happy, want wine or cheese or choccie.
  3. I indulge in a lot of absent minded (mindless) eating. Chunks of cheese from the fridge, handfuls of almonds etc.
  4. Habitual eating and drinking – flat white coffee when I go to town, wine on a Friday night with dinner, bottles of fizz for celebrations, etc.
  5. I didn’t miss wine and beer as much as I thought I would. Yes, I nearly went and bought a bottle of fizz to celebrate my new job but it wasn’t a big deal to not have it so I plan to have a lot more booze-free weeks.
  6. Our overall planned meals didn’t change much. We haven’t included much legumes, grains or veg oils in our diet for nearly 2 years now (80:20) but it’s all the extras, treats and outside food and drink that let us down. And I thought we were being so good!

In conclusion, I’m happy to reintroduce alcohol and cheese, both in small quantities of high quality product as a treat, and I don’t think I’ll miss not having them all the time. Our dairy product intake will decreasing as we really don’t need to have cheese in breakfast and lunch every day. Likewise milky tea and coffee will be a once-a-day at the most drink, with the shortfall replaced with water and I really like some of the infusions I’ve been able to buy. Where before we would buy a 4-pint bottle of milk for the week, I think we can get by on 1-pint plus a carton of cream. I do like cream in my weekend coffees 🙂

I probably won’t be making my own tomato ketchup just yet, so that will have to be a rare treat or replaced with roasted toms, but I will continue to make my own mayonnaise. The flavour of shop bought is noticeably sweet to me now and it’s not hard to make a batch for the week. Plus, I’ve found a recipe using half olive oil and half coconut oil so it can be made a bit cheaper, and I can cut it with yogurt or buttermilk if I need to stretch it into a dressing for things like with coleslaw.

Whole30 – Week 4 (and a bit) Summary




Extras/ Snacks


Fried eggs and bacon

Pork belly strips and salad

Lamb curry and roast cauliflower

Black coffee

Twinings peach and ginger infusion


White anchovies




Lamb meatballs and Greek salad


Twinings peach and ginger infusion

Black coffee


Smoked sausage


Bacon and eggs


Roast marrow chunks with ragu

Twinings peach and ginger infusion

Black coffee

Black tea



BBQ pork belly strips, hard-boiled egg, tomato and coleslaw

Garlic and rosemary chicken, roast butternut squash and steamed Savoy cabbage

Black tea

Black coffee



Smoked mackerel, egg and chunky salad

Pork ribs., chicken wings, roast butternut squash and coleslaw

Black tea

Raspberry tea






Grilled tuna steak and salad

Carrillada with steamed savoy cabbage



Smoked sausage




Roast butternut squash, red pepper, mango, cucumber, lettuce, anchovies, capers and tuna.

Czech meatballs with bacon braised cabbage

Black tea

Raspberry tea



Saturday (UK/ Madrid)

Omelette with bacon


Steak, salad, guacamole and salsa

Black coffee

Mixed nuts

Spanish ham

Cortezas de cerdo

Sunday (Madrid)

Scrambled eggs, tomato and guacamole

Iberico ham


Garlic and lemon roast chicken with ragout

Black coffee


Paleta ham

Whole30 – Day 30

Ah, the final day of our challenge and we’re in sunny Madrid. I was dead on my feet last night so not quite sure how I managed to chew dinner. Needed to pick up some more food today (Sunday) as yesterday was just about immediate feeding needs. We did have the foresight to get 2 dozen eggs so breakfast was sorted. The lovely markets would only be open from Monday so today we had a choice of Lidl (better than our UK local store), a Carrefour Express (one up from a corner shop, but still has a good selection of fresh fruit) and a Dia (right by our apartment and like a tardis!) Have noticed that Madrid is not all that “Accessibility Friendly” – especially the Metro stations. Fortunately we were only manoeuvring a suit case but pushchairs were struggling and if you’re in a wheelchair I’m not quite sure what you’re supposed to do. The Dia was also an interesting one – you couldn’t g into the store area behind the checkouts, instead you were directed up an escalator to the first floor where the drinks and canned goods were. Only after getting to the back corner of that floor I spotted what looked like a staircase to the staff area which took you back down to the fresh produce area. Odd.

Anyway, wanted to have a more planned approach to dinner tonight so after a plate of scrambled eggs (failed omelette – darn electric hob) with guacamole, tomato and lettuce, and plenty of black coffee, we headed out to explore Madrid. Late in the afternoon we stumbled across mercado san Miguel, which is a foodie heaven! Restrained ourselves and just shared a cornet of finely sliced iberico ham and a cornet of freshly fried chicharrón. Gorgeous place with all kinds of tapas to buy, while you walk around with a glass of vino or a beer. Going back tomorrow definitely.

Picked up a few more bits for dinner (we’re terrible at planning ahead on these trips) so I could bake some garlic and lemon chicken to have with a sort if ratatouille/ ragout creation. Supermarket fruit and veg is good here but choice is limited compared to home as it’s all very local and seasonal. We’re so used to having everything, no matter what the time if year, and it’s all perfect looking and a bit tasteless. However, in the proper markets there are several varieties of things like tomatoes, melon and peaches to choose from which smell beautiful and taste amazing so can’t complain.

Lots of water then early to bed. Los zzzz

Whole30 – Day 29

Yay! Holiday!!!! Up early but sat and read for a bit before getting up. Our flights were in the afternoon so no need to rush about. Bacon omelette and express for breakfast then pottered for a bit, remembering little extra bits to pack – nail varnish!

Whole30 @ Heathrow is tricky but probably saved us a fortune in pre-flight treats. Only got a black coffee from Pret and wandered round the tax free shops. I was tested. We were upgraded to business class and I declined food and booze, but it was an afternoon tea of sandwiches and cake so I wouldn’t have eaten it before Whole30 anyway. Enjoyed a packet of nuts and a bottle of water in flight and read most of a book.

Landed on time and just had to make our way across Madrid on the Metro to collect our apartment keys. Made it to our new temporary home by 8pm so plenty time for a change of shirt and a visit to the local supermarkets. Fairly small stores, being a city centre, but managed to get some coffee, fresh meat and veg. As I hadn’t eaten since breakfast (I won’t count the packet of nuts) I was starting to feel a bit woozy verging on hangry so wasn’t feeling all that inspired to cook. Cobbled together griddled steak with tomato and onion salsa, and some baby gem leaves dolloped with guacamole. Had a few crunchy cortezas de cerdo on the side and sampled the Paleta ham we’d picked up. Lots of water and hit the hay quite early

Whole30 – Day 28

Getting up was a bit easier today. Tea, shower, omelette and out the door. Not as much coffee at work, mostly fruit tea and water. Was peckish at midday so just had some fruit. Had my packed lunch later, made from everything I could find leftover in the fridge last night: roast butternut squash, red pepper, mango, cucumber, lettuce, anchovies, capers and added tuna. Very filling but I was starting to flag just an hour later. Possible it was due to the fruit I’d eaten earlier in the day. Huge cravings for cheese, and bacon.

Eventually went home and blitzed the kitchen before starting dinner; Czech meatballs, roast carrot and butternut with bacon braised cabbage. While that was cooking I got on with packing for my hols which was quicker than I expected since my huge wardrobe clear out last month.

More Breaking Bad with dinner. Pushed myself a bit too far, falling asleep during the 3rd episode. Hauled arse to bed and out cold. Zzzz

Whole30 – Day 27

Definitely harder to escape from the duvet this morning. Sore throat and sniffy nose. Probably due to me spending my days in an office full of germ-ridden people. Usual routine of black tea and an omelette, then out the door.

To deal with my munchies I made a snack pack with nuts and sliced smoked sausage to nibble in the afternoon. It was gone by 11am.

Had a friend coming in to visit so hadn’t taken any food in with me for lunch and was at the mercy of the canteen. Managed to get a grilled tuna steak and some salad (just lettuce, cucumber and carrot) which was ok but think I’ll stick with taking my own food.

Hungry again in the afternoon and really fancied chocolate, but had a banana instead. Not sure if I’m actually hungry or just wanting a treat to cheer me up. Supposed to be full of bounce and wake up feeling refreshed but starting to think “Whole27” might be more than enough.

Home early and spent the extra time just reading and having some me time. Nice easy dinner. Just had to reheat stew and steam some greens. More Breaking Bad (nearly finished series 4!) and in bed, lights out at 10:30

Whole30 – Day 26

Eek! Over slept 🙁 Super quick hair and make-up, and hoovered an omelette before dashing out the door. Made it through to lunch time with a few cups of raspberry tea.

Waited as long as possible before having lunch (mackerel, egg and chunky salad) but was still hungry after that. Funny, I’ve not been hungry for a couple of days but now my appetite is back in full force. Maybe it knows the end is nigh 🙂 Held out for an hour before grabbing a banana to get me through the afternoon.

Picked up snacks en route home to nibble while dinner cooked in the oven. Pork spare ribs, chicken wings and butternut squash wedges served with the last of the coleslaw. Nothing to watch on TV so had to be more Breaking Bad, then off to bed at 11pm.

Whole30 – Day 25

Back to work. Thank goodness it’s a 4-day week!

Omelette and black tea, shower, blow-dry and make-up and still got to work early. I’m getting the hang of this.

Took nearly a whole hour lunch break. Wasn’t especially hungry but had my BBQ pork with coleslaw, egg and cherry tomatoes anyway. Had a coffee and catch up late in the afternoon but felt a bit woozy so had some more water.

Got home and flopped. Fortunately dinner was fairly quick to prepare, and only needed a couple of trays in the oven and one saucepan; garlic and rosemary chicken with roast butternut squash and steamed savoy cabbage – one of my favourites as it’s so tasty and easy. Even easier when someone else cooks it for me 🙂 Drank some more water but no snacks as not hungry after dinner.

Super tired so off to bed at 10pm for more Kindle.

Whole30 – Day 24

Woke up to rain, and a cup of black tea. Excellent room service. Glad I got so much done yesterday. No way I would be going outside and roads would be chokka with people leaving Reading festival anyway. Bacon and eggs for breakfast, with some delicious freshly ground coffee.

Pottered online for far too long with IKEA related projects then made some lunch BBQ pork with coleslaw for Mr. Wasn’t hungry so just had some tea. Ran a few errands then came home and cleaned the kitchen, again.

Another Breaking Bad-a-thon with an interval for dinner; the last of the monster marrow roasted in chunks and topped with beef ragu. Minimal wash up 🙂

More Gingersnap tea and off to bed at 10pm with my Kindle.

Whole30 – Day 23

Ah, Sunday! And a Bank Holiday weekend too so no sinking feeling come the afternoon that I have to go to school in the morning. Had booked a yoga class in the morning so had to get out and make up for my sloth-like behaviour during the week. Quick omelette for pre-gym fuel and a yummy gingersnap peach tea.

After a week of sitting in a desk chair, instead of using my standing desk at home, I could really feel the difference in my hip flexors. A lot less flex! Will have to keep working on it and walk around more in the office. Made a quick Greek salad and lamb meatballs before making the most of the good traffic and going to IKEA Southampton to do some returns – Bank Holiday weekend should have been a nightmare but actually ok. Had to pick up some padkos for the drive home and luckily there was a Tesco Express open. Best option available? Well, it wasn’t the plain roast chicken breast which I bought without checking the label – why would we? It’s only roast chicken. Wrong. Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Cornflour, Dextrose, Brown Sugar, Rapeseed Oil….

The bag of almonds and Mattessons smoked sausage were fine though. Surprising that a Vac-Pak deli sausage could be so crap-free!

Filled up on that during the drive home so didn’t really want dinner when I got in and just had a bottle of water. Stayed up late watching TV and fell asleep on the sofa. Crawled to bed just after midnight.