Menu – 14 September 2016

Foolishly, I planned this week’s menu last week when I had lots of ideas (cravings) but already filled my list. This was before I realised it would be 30 degrees and that I would have little inclination to move, let alone cook 🙁

  • Chicken liver bunny-chow w/ mashed cauliflower
  • Coq au Vin with braised red cabbage
  • Wings & Ribs
  • Cod, chorizo, tomato and aioli on greens
  • Lamb curry with roast cauliflower
  • Steak, parsnip chips and blue cheese sauce
  • Bubble & squeak with York ham and eggs

Also knocked up two batches of soup (Broccoli & Stilton and a chunky Pesto & Root Veg)

Reset time!

After a too-short visit to South Africa (with quite a bit of over-indulgence and a LOT of great wines) time to get back on track.  Got a whole week of tasty meals planned, with minimal cooking effort required, so should have no excuses for extra snacks or trips to the pub!

  • Sea bream with Thai butter and pea shoots
  • Chicken liver bunny-chow
  • Roast belly pork with red cabbage, apple, pistachio & blue cheese salad
  • Sauerkraut & belly pork leftovers
  • Pesto chicken with green beans, peas & broad beans
  • Chicken souvlaki, wors, coleslaw and pesto, feta and pea salad
  • Wors, chakalaka and cauliflower “pap”

This week’s menu – 24 July 2015

• Bacon & cheese burgers w/ mango, mangetout & coriander and beetroot, apple and blueberry salads
• Asian crayfish lettuce cups
• Chicken & blue cheese salad w/ pecans and peaches
• Moroccan lamb w/ tomatoes, almonds & apricots
• Chermoula chicken w/ roasted pepper & preserved lemon and carrot & orange salad
• Chicken, pancetta and raspberry dressing
• Leftovers Surprise 🙂

This week’s menu – 24 April 2015

• Pork saltimbocca with kale, roast butternut and red onion
• Lamb kebabs and stuffed belly pork with roast beetroot and sweet potato mash
• Ginger Pig Jerk sausages in tomato and pepper sauce. Berries and brownie with chocolate fondue
• Moroccan chicken with cauliflower rice
• Salmon with avocado, broccoli and spinach salad
• Broc-cauli cheese with roast chicken

This week’s menu – 10 April 2015

• Chicken & slaw
• Duck with stir-fry veg
• Chicken, bacon, shallots and apple with greens
• Pork and bacon burgers, w/ pineapple salsa and sweet potato chips
• Lamb curry with roast cauliflower
• Pina colada chicken w/ greens

This week’s menu – 6 February 2015

• Hake w/ cabbage & bacon
• Baked sweet potatoes w/ ragu
• Beef short rib (marinara sauce style) w/ cabbage
• Boerewors w/ roast beetroot, sweet potato and feta salad
• Bobotie (roast lamb leftovers) w/ sweet potato mash
• Faggots w/ gravy and swede

This week’s menu – 30 January 2015

• Liver and bacon w/ mashed swede
• Kippers on spinach w/ poached eggs
• Sunday roast lamb w/ roast Jerusalem artichokes and carrot & broccoli
• Beef short ribs w/ roast butternut and spinach salad
• Pork shoulder strips on Asian veg salad (red pepper, beansprouts, cucumber, fresh coriander) with hard-boiled egg, crisp shallots, chilli, chopped nuts, sriracha sauce and lime
• Shepherd’s pie w/ sweet potato rosti topping and broccoli
• Salmon mango ceviche w/ gem lettuce cups

This week’s menu – 23 January 2015

• Wors and salads
• Liver and bacon w/ mashed swede
• Chicken and chorizo casserole w/ butternut
• Squid and chorizo salad
• Chicken, bacon and apple w/ cabbage
• Jerk pork w/ mashed sweet potato and mango salsa
• Haggis & neeps