This week’s menu – 26 December 2014

• Sausage w/ creamed leeks and mashed swede
• Roast chicken, parsnips, sprouts and bacon wrapped sausages
• Mackerel w/ green apple salad and dukkah
• Crudités and dip, bacon wrapped sausages, devils on horseback and magic wings
• Chicken, ham and leek in cider cream w/ savoy cabbage
• Chicken, mango and avo salad

This week’s menu – 19 December 2014

• Roast chicken w/ bacony Savoy cabbage
• Sweet potato hash, gammon/ sausage and eggs
• Chicken curry w/ cauliflower
• Kippers w/ spinach and poached eggs
• Meatballs and zoodles w/ tomato sauce
• Gammon w/ parsnip tartiflette

Getting back on track

After a shoddy start to December I’ve finally pulled up my cooking socks and organised.

2 big pots of soup – Done. That’s lunch sorted for the rest of the week.
Menu for the week’s dinner – Done. Even managed to pick up sensible stuff to go with letovers for Friday night dinner, despite being very tired and work had worn down my remaining nerve. Can’t go wrong with fajitas and all the trimmings (minus the tortilla, of course).

Even managed to thoroughly clean the hutch, so feeling very virtuous as I tuck into a bowl of fresh carrot soup with pesto 🙂

Now, time to plan our Christmas Feast!

This week’s menu – 12 December 2014

• Steak fauxjitas
• Prosciutto and pesto wrapped Cod w/ sweet potato mash
• Chilli w/ baked sweet potatoes, guacamole & sour cream & cheese
• Chicken w/ bacon and apple, with broccoli
• Peri-Peri Chicken livers w/ cauliflower rice
• Beef ragu w/ roast aubergine w/ broccoli
• Garlicky, lemon and rosemary Chicken w/ steamed Savoy cabbage

Glutinous December

Only a week into December, and I’m already a bit sick of food. Not had any major blow outs but there has been a lot of grazing between meals, and a lot of drinkies…….
The idea of a pre-Christmas detox just sounds too depressing, but must do something or I’ll wake up hung-over with my arm in a bag of Doritos. If I wasn’t working the whole of the “festive” season then I’d make some time to prep meals and pre-empt the inevitable munchies, but really just can’t be arsed.

Step 1: Only drinking water at home
Step 2: Start making dinner earlier – a fed Chicken is a sensible Chicken

This week’s menu – 5 December 2014

• Sausages w/ cauliflower & broccoli cheese
• Chicken laksa w/ beansprouts
• Roast belly pork w/ Savoy cabbage, swede & apple
• Leftover pork stirfry w/ beansprouts, carrots and cabbage
• Pesto chicken with cherry toms, spinach and pepper & sautéed savoy cabbage
• Pork mince larb
• Indian lamb curry w/ cauliflower rice for one.

Leftovers Lunch

Working at home so had to raid the fridge for lunch. Slim pickings.
All we had left was a chunk of butternut squash, half a red onion, a few rashers of bacon and some lettuce. 20 minutes later and a dribble of vinaigrette:

Could have added the last of the stilton but I may want that later 🙂