This week’s menu – 30 January 2015

• Liver and bacon w/ mashed swede
• Kippers on spinach w/ poached eggs
• Sunday roast lamb w/ roast Jerusalem artichokes and carrot & broccoli
• Beef short ribs w/ roast butternut and spinach salad
• Pork shoulder strips on Asian veg salad (red pepper, beansprouts, cucumber, fresh coriander) with hard-boiled egg, crisp shallots, chilli, chopped nuts, sriracha sauce and lime
• Shepherd’s pie w/ sweet potato rosti topping and broccoli
• Salmon mango ceviche w/ gem lettuce cups

This week’s menu – 23 January 2015

• Wors and salads
• Liver and bacon w/ mashed swede
• Chicken and chorizo casserole w/ butternut
• Squid and chorizo salad
• Chicken, bacon and apple w/ cabbage
• Jerk pork w/ mashed sweet potato and mango salsa
• Haggis & neeps

This week’s menu – 16 January 2105

• Aubergine parmigiana
• Sausage and butternut roast w/ rocket and parmesan
• Fish pie w/ parsnip rosti topping
• Pork ribs and slaw
• Sausages w/ parsnip mash and creamed leeks
• Leftovers/ luck-dip
• Reuben rollups
• Pork chops, sweet potato hash w/ eggs

This week’s menu – 9 January 2015

• Pad Thai with zoodles
• Lamb curry with cauliflower leaves
• Jerk chicken with mango & red onion salsa and parsnip chips
• Pork & apple burgers with bacon
• Chicken, bacon & apple with cabbage
• Ham & cheese stuffed winter squash

Food trend predictions for 2015

Aside from bugs (not sure why people get their knickers in a knot about them – plenty of the world’s people eat them) I’m very pleased to see ‘nduja on the “what’s hot” list for 2015 🙂
2015 Food Trends

I’m a bit in love with this stuff after I managed to get some during our wedding anniversary food marathon in London last year.
If you can get hold of it, before it becomes waaay to trendy and expensive, try it in Eggs in Purgatory – divine!

This week’s menu – 2 January 2015

Finally, used up the last of the festive leftovers and time for a clean start.

• Chicken, mango and avocado salad
• Beef chilli on lettuce cups w/ avocado and fresh salsa
• Lamb curry w/ roast cauliflower
• Roast chicken, sprouts and bacon, parsnips
• Garbage stir-fry
• West African chicken w/ cauliflower-rice