This week’s menu – 24 April 2015

• Pork saltimbocca with kale, roast butternut and red onion
• Lamb kebabs and stuffed belly pork with roast beetroot and sweet potato mash
• Ginger Pig Jerk sausages in tomato and pepper sauce. Berries and brownie with chocolate fondue
• Moroccan chicken with cauliflower rice
• Salmon with avocado, broccoli and spinach salad
• Broc-cauli cheese with roast chicken

This week’s menu – 17 April 2015

• Brinner
• Pina colada chicken w/ savoy cabbage
• Bacon burgers w/ sweet potato wedges
• Thai green chicken curry w/ peas and beans on cabbage
• Wors, chakalaka and mash

This week’s menu – 10 April 2015

• Chicken & slaw
• Duck with stir-fry veg
• Chicken, bacon, shallots and apple with greens
• Pork and bacon burgers, w/ pineapple salsa and sweet potato chips
• Lamb curry with roast cauliflower
• Pina colada chicken w/ greens