Whole30 – Day 26

Eek! Over slept 🙁 Super quick hair and make-up, and hoovered an omelette before dashing out the door. Made it through to lunch time with a few cups of raspberry tea.

Waited as long as possible before having lunch (mackerel, egg and chunky salad) but was still hungry after that. Funny, I’ve not been hungry for a couple of days but now my appetite is back in full force. Maybe it knows the end is nigh 🙂 Held out for an hour before grabbing a banana to get me through the afternoon.

Picked up snacks en route home to nibble while dinner cooked in the oven. Pork spare ribs, chicken wings and butternut squash wedges served with the last of the coleslaw. Nothing to watch on TV so had to be more Breaking Bad, then off to bed at 11pm.