Whole30 – Day 25

Back to work. Thank goodness it’s a 4-day week!

Omelette and black tea, shower, blow-dry and make-up and still got to work early. I’m getting the hang of this.

Took nearly a whole hour lunch break. Wasn’t especially hungry but had my BBQ pork with coleslaw, egg and cherry tomatoes anyway. Had a coffee and catch up late in the afternoon but felt a bit woozy so had some more water.

Got home and flopped. Fortunately dinner was fairly quick to prepare, and only needed a couple of trays in the oven and one saucepan; garlic and rosemary chicken with roast butternut squash and steamed savoy cabbage – one of my favourites as it’s so tasty and easy. Even easier when someone else cooks it for me 🙂 Drank some more water but no snacks as not hungry after dinner.

Super tired so off to bed at 10pm for more Kindle.