Whole30 – Day 27

Definitely harder to escape from the duvet this morning. Sore throat and sniffy nose. Probably due to me spending my days in an office full of germ-ridden people. Usual routine of black tea and an omelette, then out the door.

To deal with my munchies I made a snack pack with nuts and sliced smoked sausage to nibble in the afternoon. It was gone by 11am.

Had a friend coming in to visit so hadn’t taken any food in with me for lunch and was at the mercy of the canteen. Managed to get a grilled tuna steak and some salad (just lettuce, cucumber and carrot) which was ok but think I’ll stick with taking my own food.

Hungry again in the afternoon and really fancied chocolate, but had a banana instead. Not sure if I’m actually hungry or just wanting a treat to cheer me up. Supposed to be full of bounce and wake up feeling refreshed but starting to think “Whole27” might be more than enough.

Home early and spent the extra time just reading and having some me time. Nice easy dinner. Just had to reheat stew and steam some greens. More Breaking Bad (nearly finished series 4!) and in bed, lights out at 10:30