Whole30 – Day 28

Getting up was a bit easier today. Tea, shower, omelette and out the door. Not as much coffee at work, mostly fruit tea and water. Was peckish at midday so just had some fruit. Had my packed lunch later, made from everything I could find leftover in the fridge last night: roast butternut squash, red pepper, mango, cucumber, lettuce, anchovies, capers and added tuna. Very filling but I was starting to flag just an hour later. Possible it was due to the fruit I’d eaten earlier in the day. Huge cravings for cheese, and bacon.

Eventually went home and blitzed the kitchen before starting dinner; Czech meatballs, roast carrot and butternut with bacon braised cabbage. While that was cooking I got on with packing for my hols which was quicker than I expected since my huge wardrobe clear out last month.

More Breaking Bad with dinner. Pushed myself a bit too far, falling asleep during the 3rd episode. Hauled arse to bed and out cold. Zzzz