Whole30 – Day 30

Ah, the final day of our challenge and we’re in sunny Madrid. I was dead on my feet last night so not quite sure how I managed to chew dinner. Needed to pick up some more food today (Sunday) as yesterday was just about immediate feeding needs. We did have the foresight to get 2 dozen eggs so breakfast was sorted. The lovely markets would only be open from Monday so today we had a choice of Lidl (better than our UK local store), a Carrefour Express (one up from a corner shop, but still has a good selection of fresh fruit) and a Dia (right by our apartment and like a tardis!) Have noticed that Madrid is not all that “Accessibility Friendly” – especially the Metro stations. Fortunately we were only manoeuvring a suit case but pushchairs were struggling and if you’re in a wheelchair I’m not quite sure what you’re supposed to do. The Dia was also an interesting one – you couldn’t g into the store area behind the checkouts, instead you were directed up an escalator to the first floor where the drinks and canned goods were. Only after getting to the back corner of that floor I spotted what looked like a staircase to the staff area which took you back down to the fresh produce area. Odd.

Anyway, wanted to have a more planned approach to dinner tonight so after a plate of scrambled eggs (failed omelette – darn electric hob) with guacamole, tomato and lettuce, and plenty of black coffee, we headed out to explore Madrid. Late in the afternoon we stumbled across mercado san Miguel, which is a foodie heaven! Restrained ourselves and just shared a cornet of finely sliced iberico ham and a cornet of freshly fried chicharrĂ³n. Gorgeous place with all kinds of tapas to buy, while you walk around with a glass of vino or a beer. Going back tomorrow definitely.

Picked up a few more bits for dinner (we’re terrible at planning ahead on these trips) so I could bake some garlic and lemon chicken to have with a sort if ratatouille/ ragout creation. Supermarket fruit and veg is good here but choice is limited compared to home as it’s all very local and seasonal. We’re so used to having everything, no matter what the time if year, and it’s all perfect looking and a bit tasteless. However, in the proper markets there are several varieties of things like tomatoes, melon and peaches to choose from which smell beautiful and taste amazing so can’t complain.

Lots of water then early to bed. Los zzzz