Whole30 – Day 7

Today was going to be a bit of a challenge. A lunch date out in town with friends. I agreed to this weeks ago, before the Whole30 because a good idea. I made sure I had a decent breakfast so I wouldn’t be starving at midday.

Sweet potato, pork and apple hash with eggs

Lunch was a success – managed to get grilled sardines for a starter (hold the croutons) and a steak for main course, with no chips but extra salad instead of chips. While the other girls had a glass of wine each I guzzled a big bottle of sparkling mineral water. No pudding, just an espresso. All in, very nice.

Got half my shopping en route home – a farm’s worth of veg 🙂

Friday night, can’t go to the pub and no other plans so back to local supermarket for remaining shopping. Rock and roll, baby! Did treat ourselves to some marinated and stuffed olives plus almonds as a pre-dinner nibble. Dinner was a yummy bowl of kale topped with garlic, lemon and rosemary chicken thighs prepared by the Man of the house 🙂

Had a few very ripe strawberries as dessert.

Stayed up late watching a movie so only go to bed at 11pm.