Whole30 – Day 6

Woke up feeling a little better, but still not full of bounce and sparkle. Got to practice getting up earlier. Made myself a plate of sweet potato hash and fried eggs for breakfast while ignoring the mess in my kitchen.

Busied myself with organising my wardrobe. A lot of stuff still fits which is good (for shopping budget purposes) but a tad did appointing (from a vanity perspective!). Starting a new job in a couple of weeks so need to get out of the shorts and t-shirt look I’ve been abusing for the last 6 months.

Had some black coffee while sorting a few Ebay bits – seemed to abate the headache. That was until the neighbours who like to crank up their car stereo, or just scream and swear at each other, get started. Could soo have done with a latte. Or a glass of wine. Maybe even a bottle 🙁

Tuna deli salad with an extra dollop of mayo for lunch, and a spoonful of the macadamia nut butter that arrived in the post. Lush 🙂 Headache came back so downed a couple of ibuprofen. Not sure they’re Whole30 compliant but had to try something.

Was still feeling very grumpy come evening so took 3 huge bags of clothes and shoes to the charity bins. No idea where I was hiding this stuff- my flat is tiny and I have no clothes! Cleaned the kitchen, again. I seem to get a lot done fuelled by grump.

Dinner was Thai fish cakes and som tam salad – Mr’s speciality. The salad is basically crunchy ribbons of raw veg and mango, dressed with lime. Very filling and satisfying so will have to remember to include more raw veg with dinners next week.

Stayed up too late watching TV so only went to bed at midnight.