Whole30 – Day 4

Woke up again with a fuggy head and sinus pain. Made a nice, big veggie omelette for breakie – pretty good, but would have been better with cheese. Spot of light pottering and a few cups of ginger tea saw me through the morning.

Big plate of deli-style tuna salad with extra olive oil drizzled on top for lunch, plus a mug of coffee with the last of the coconut milk added. Seemed to reduce my headache so can only assume it’s caused by caffeine withdrawal.

Got ahead on the chores in the afternoon by cleaning the kitchen, prepping the seasoned pork and apple to go with some sweet potato for pre-gym breakie tomorrow and getting started on a big pot of braised cabbage to go with dinner. No way we could be hungry after polishing off that lot! Treated myself to a spoonful of sunflower seed butter as a reward. Not as nice as almond or cashew nut butter, but it’s what I had.

Not a pretty dinner, but a tasty and filling one.

Plenty of ginger tea, plus a Sinutab, and in bed @ 10pm.