Whole30 – Day 3

Woke up with a fuggy head, but not really a headache. Sipped a glass of ginger tea and knocked up a couple of veggie omelettes for our breakfast. Chopped up some leftover green peppers and courgette for another day.

Had to take the car to the garage so there was an hour to kill in town. Managed a saunter round Waitrose, checking out their non-dairy milk as I’m running low on coconut milk. You can either have soy milk (no), sweetened almond or hazelnut milk (no), or just nuts and water, with sunflower lecithin stabiliser. No. Did find some fresh coconut chunks to have as after dinner treat tho. Going to have to become one of those hard-core Paleo types who make their own nut milk but don’t think I can be bothered for just one month. Plus, nut milk is never as thick and creamy as I want for a coffee, and I don’t like having skimmed milk in tea anyway. Bleurgh. Will try a bullet proof coffee made with coconut oil (instead of my usual butter) tomorrow for mid-morning treat, if I still fancy a “creamy” coffee.

Tore the man away from his desk for 5 mins to eat a bowl of smoky bacon, chunky veg and tomato soup for lunch.

I was going for a sort of minestrone flavour, minus the beans and pasta. So basically nothing like minestrone 🙂  Appreciative noises were made so I’ll assume it was good. I think next time a basil oil slurry would be nice just to garnish. A couple of glasses of iced fizzy water and lime saw me through the afternoon while I tortured myself by reading a Nigel Slater book. Major dizziness kicked in at 4pm so grabbed a few chunks of fresh coconut. All better.

Got impatient waiting for man to make mayonnaise so did it myself. Had a craving for crudités and dip, so made part of the batch into a really punchy garlic and herb version. Actually not hard to do, but does mean I have to wash up the food processor 🙁

Dinner was a bowl of chilli and garlic zoodles (zucchini/ courgette noodles) with prawns. After that we were both still a bit peckish [Note to self: must increase portion sizes] so I chopped up some carrots and celery to dunk in the garlic mayonnaise as a post dinner snack. In bed before 10:30 so bit of an improvement.