Whole30 – Day 22

“It’s the final countdown!… du du doo doo…”

Ok, so it’s a bit more than a week – it’s 9 days but as I shop at the weekends, and we’re going away next weekend, I have to plan up to the end of the Whole30 test period.

After 3 weeks of cooking and freezing meals we actually have enough stored to cover us for the remainder of our Whole 30; just need vegetables and other fresh items. I also need to plan ahead for when we get back from holiday, which will probably entail a bit of clean up, some economical meals and dinners we can get on the table with minimum effort after work and gym. I’m thinking “A week of dinners from 12 items” or similar.

Hubby had gone for a morning run so had breakfast a bit late; grilled bacon with fried eggs and some lovely coffee. Got to spend most of the morning wrapped in my Slanket™, poring over cook books and planning for our final week of Whole30.

Hit the supermarket a bit late but managed to get everything we needed before coming home for lunch and some nice fruit tea in the sunshine. Tried the new Twinings Gingersnap and Peach infusion at Costa coffee the other day, got hooked and managed to track it down in Tesco. Easier than slicing up ginger root, for the office at least. More expensive than your average “fruit tea” bags but still only work out at under 30p each, so cheaper than the cafĂ© options.

Snacked on anchovies, olives and prosciutto while watching rubbish Saturday night TV. Realised the time and got dinner ready; lamb curry (already made) with roasted cauliflower, then caught up on Breaking Bag – on Series 4 now (shh! No spoilers!) Got to bed a little late but ok, not a school night.