Whole30 – Day 21

Very tired still this morning but managed to get out of bed at a reasonable time. Friday, so was going in “casual” which makes getting out the door a bit quicker. Omelette with smoked mackerel for breakfast. Nice for a change. Avoided the fruit bowl all morning but did have a couple of coffees. Tuna salad for lunch, then had a plum while sitting on a conf call.

Ended up staying late due to another meeting (on a Friday?! FFS!) but drive home didn’t take too long.

Didn’t feel up to doing a full shop so just grabbed some bits to go with the enormous marrow we had for dinner – stuffed it with chorizo and peppers.

Took forever to cook the marrow; recipe said 30mins but I suppose this was a bit of a monster marrow. The other half (nearly a kilo left over!) got stashed in the fridge. No pictures as was too tired.

Only got to bed at 11pm so didn’t expect to be up early in the morning – but what the heck, it’s the weekend 🙂