Whole30 – Day 20

Getting up is getting harder 🙁 Crawled out of bed and into the shower; found an omelette waiting for me when I got out. Made it to work in plenty of time tho. Hit a bit of a dead end workwise mid-morning so got a cup of lemon tea from the vending machine (not terrible) and a plum.

Held out until 1pm for lunch – smoked mackerel with broccoli, almonds and tomatoes. Plenty of protein and good fats there.

Wasted most of my afternoon trying to fix my laptop, again, and ended up having to stay late while it rebuilt. The fruit bowl was right in front of me so scoffed most of a bunch of grapes and a small orange out of boredom. Really wanted some cheese by the time I’d given up and decided to go home. Added yet more fruit by making pancetta wrapped pear wedges when I got home.

Got started on dinner pronto to stop me snacking; aubergine lasagne. A cross between melanzane parmigiana and a Ragu lasagne, but no béchamel sauce or cheese allowed so topped it with a few spoons of macadamia nut butter instead. Pretty satisfying. Was still wanting cheese after that so had some more water and rode out the craving.

Was falling asleep by 9:30 so hauled off to bed and tried to read for a bit. Zzzzzzz.