Whole30 – Day 19

Definitely more of a struggle to get out of bed this morning. Black tea and an omelette then on the road in about 15mins. Bit of a stressy morning with technical issues – hate when this stuff is outside my control. Not much I could do except wait, and have a coffee and a banana. Not a big fruit-eater but something to do.

Lunch with the team was nice. Had my madras chicken salad on romaine leaves with a few cherry toms – pleasant change to have people talk about my lunch without a derisive sneer about “Atkins v2.0”. I seem to have joined a foodie group!

Starving by the time I got home (this work malarkey is tiring!) so got cracking with dinner straight away. White fish roasted on top of ratatouille, from a batch I made last week, with a plum for “dessert” while we watched a movie.

Meant to go to bed at 10pm but ended up half-watching the news and half falling asleep on the sofa so got to bed at 10:30 and out cold!