Whole30 – Day 18

Bit of a scramble to get out on time, but ended up being early for work. Black tea and an omelette for breakie, time for a shower and even managed to blow dry my hair. Am I becoming a morning person?!

Actually took an hour break for lunch, but spent most of it catching up with people over tea. Guzzled my lunch salad (mackerel, beetroot and egg) at my desk in about 5mins but felt well rested.

Was peckish when I got home so had a couple of slices of prosciutto before heading to Waitrose for a few more salad bits. I always prefer to under-shop for perishables like that, and it gives me an excuse to have a mooch around Waitrose 🙂

Nice, spicy jerk chicken for dinner with plantain chips and mango salsa to perk me up. Was getting a bit distressed by the lack of piccies this week so, ta dah!

Yes, it’s an old picture. Was too hungry to pause for camera.

Knackered but only hauled myself to be at 10:30