Whole30 – Day 17

Back at work. Up early – and it felt very early to me. Omelette and coffee served by Hubby. Normal morning service resumed after 6 months 🙂

Had a couple of cups of black tea during morning meetings, and a plum. Earl grey tea from the machine is marginally less disgusting than the “English Breakfast” and at least I’d save a small fortune on coffee bar lattes!

Bit of a late break for lunch, due to meetings and the like, but luckily I made a packed lunch so didn’t have to worry about eating. Having worked here before I knew that the canteen can be sadly lacking in options. Got a cup of coffee with the new boss, but that was my lot for the day.

Home at a reasonable hour and instructed Hubby on how to cook dinner. A rustic Spanish pig’s cheek stew with lots of carrot, onion and smoked paprika served with celeriac (leftover from the whole celeriac I roasted on Saturday night) to mop up the sauce. Mmmm 🙂


Very tired but only got off to bed at 10:30 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz