Whole30 – Day 16

This was going to be another tricky day. Family lunch to celebrate 2 birthdays – which normally means fizz and cake. Filled up on gammon and eggs for breakfast, then tucked into cold roast beef and ham with veggies for luncheon swapping the cake and ice cream for some fresh raspberries. Simples and plenty filling. Not having cake wasn’t a problem (not really a cake person) but no horseradish sauce on beef – aaargghh!!!

A quite pre-evening of laundry and reading, accompanied by some ginger tea (not had any for a while) and preparing packed lunch for tomorrow. Even though it’s Sunday, I really didn’t miss a glass of wine. Hmm, must be personal growth!

For supper I had some more ham-wrapped peaches and leftover roast chicken, followed by kippers with poached eggs. Bit of nursery food 🙂