Whole30 – Day 15

Yay! Hump Day! Somehow managed to sleep until 10:30

No idea how that happened. Wasn’t a late night and it’s not like I did much yesterday. Skipped breakfast as it was so late and I has food shopping to do. After a dash around Sainsburys, made greens, eggs and ham for lunch (the last of the kale with crispy prosciutto) .

Then popped out for a 5km walk. Picked up some dried apple and pear to nibble on. Might have been a bad idea as ended up with a bit of a sugar rush.

Nice cup of coffee when we got back. Really wanted a latte but … not long to go now. Downhill from here! Our final 2 days of Whole30 will be in Madrid so not sure how we’ll manage. No problem getting black coffee, but staying away from cheese and sugar might be tricky as well as wasting all that tapas bread. On the plus side, we also get to break or Whole30 in Spain 🙂

Special Saturday night dinner of crudités with tonnato (yes, tonnato) sauce dip followed by steak with roast celeriac. Watched a very long movie so only in bed at 11pm.