Whole30 – Day 14

Up just after 9am again, but not tired – was just distracted listening to the radio. Omelette with mixed peppers and cherry tomatoes for breakfast. Really like the fresh salad element to an otherwise boring omelette.

Dull weather outside but finally got my “summer” holiday booked last night so something to look forward to. Friday is normally shopping day, but we’ve got a fair amount of fresh veg leftover so I should be able to last until the weekend.

As it’s Friday I’d planned burgers for lunch; bacon burgers. Had a bit of a miz afternoon and ended up feeling down. No choccie or wine to turn to for comfort so had a cup of tea and some almonds. Not the same 🙁

Made a big pot of mild and creamy Thai green curry, with lots of veggies and chicken for dinner. A hug in a bowl 🙂

Friday night and, again, nothing on TV so in bed at 10pm.