Whole30 – Day 13

Woke up late. Not to worry, I’m sure I’ll have this sorted in time for next week 🙂

Omelette with mixed peppers for breakfast, then whipped up a batch of frittata muffins to use up the remaining veggie leftover scraps. The prosciutto cups didn’t even stick to the tray, they just came out nice and crispy.

Had those for lunch with a bowl of smoky bacon, veg and tomato soup. Is that too much bacon in one meal? Nah. Kitchen again looking a bit of a mess – life would be so much easier if I had a dishwasher but sadly no space in my dinky kitchen. Tackled it in about an hour of hard-graft.

Made some yummy Black forest ham-wrapped peaches, crisped up in a hot pan before serving, as pre-dinner snack with olives. Dinner was Discovery chicken with cocoa dusted cauliflower and kale. Yes, more kale! This stuff is never ending – but it is the Chuck Norris of all veg.

In bed at 10pm – nothing on TV again.