Whole30 – Day 12

Late start, due to staying up too late and falling asleep on the sofa. Not good. Made an omelette with smoked mackerel for breakie and downed a strong coffee with ghee (bullet-proof coffee) before heading out to the gym.

Good session but it’ll be my last daytime visit for a while since I start an office based job again next week. Will have to try for evenings and weekends with the other muggles 🙁

Lunch was a no-brainer – roast chicken and coleslaw salad ready in the fridge. Nice cup of coffee then out to run errands.

Enjoyed 2 pots of Twinings Earl Grey tea while abusing Costa’s free Wifi. I didn’t think I liked Earl Grey – turns out I just don’t like it with milk. The things you learn!

I must have resurrected my shopping mojo as I had a strong urge to go out and treat myself to something nice. This time food! Nothing bad. No sweet treats, cheese or booze. We still haven’t celebrated my new job yet so seems like a good enough excuse to me. Quite good fun trawling around Waitrose for Whole30 compliant treats. Settled on some chilled seafood; crab claws, prawns and mussels to have before dinner. Not terrible but not great either. All a bit over-cooked. Shan’t buy it again.

Dinner was roast aubergine stuffed with ragu, served with roasted sweet peppers and some kale.

Need some practice getting up early so off to bed at 10:30. Zzzzzzzz