Whole30 – Day 9

After a very poor night sleep wise, slumped into the kitchen for coffee and made frittatas with leftover veggies for brunch. Foul weather outside, and I’d forgotten that roads in London would be closed, so ditched the plan to get out and do things. Eventually got my behind in gear and made chicken stock (salvaging the cooked wing meat), roasted vegetable ratatouille, more olive oil mayo, a batch of coleslaw and then Sunday lunch 🙂

Tip: Had the foresight to make the mayo in the food processor first, then shred the coleslaw veg into the “dirty” bowl. Saved on a whole lot of washing up.

Had decided to make it like a real, proper Sunday lunch so we had roast chicken, carrots, parsnip and shallots plus swede roasties.

Looks just like real roasties!

No vino 🙁 so made do with fizzy water and lots of lime and lemon.

Lunch was fairly late so only needed a light supper of strawberries dunked in macadamia nut butter. Watched a terrible   movie and hit the hay at 10pm.