Whole30 – Day 10

Great sleep last night, and woke up with no headache! Still only got up at 9am but no midnight walkies.

Kitchen looked like a bombsite and couldn’t avoid it much longer; still had lamb curry and a batch of soup to make. While big, cook-up days are a great idea for getting ahead, and having a fun day in the kitchen, the clean-up is a bitch.

Completed chores in time for lunch; a leftover Sunday chicken drum with coleslaw, followed by a handful of toasted coconut flakes seasoned with cinnamon and various other spices.

Had some errands to run in town so stopped for a Starbucks. Gross. Burnt and bitter tasting filter coffee. Oh well, I didn’t go for the drink – I only went for the WiFi 🙂

Famished after a hard hour of shopping, I reheated some of the ratatouille I’d made yesterday and quickly mixed some lamb mince with herbs for mini meatballs.

Nothing worth watching on TV so pottered online for too long then off to bed at 10:30