‘Nduja Uova in Purgatorio

One of my best finds on our recent food market-crawl of London was a chunk of ‘nduja sausage made by British Artisan Charcuterie makers Cannon & Cannon.

The salamis we bought at the same time were consumed over a few days of VERY restrained pre-dinner nibbles, but this had a higher calling.

‘Nduja is a spicy, spreadable pork sausage normally from Calabria, Italy rather than Dorset, GB 🙂  It can be eaten as-is but when cooked it melts down and melds with the other ingredients, releasing its spicy oils. In the past I’ve had it on pizza (long time ago) and seen it in pasta recipes or simply spread on bread, but I wanted to be able to enjoy it without suffering with a carb-hangover for days later so a LCHF incarnation was required.

We went through a faze of having Chachouka on a regular basis, and hubby got sick of it,  so to re-introduce that kind of supper I bastardised a recipe for Uova in Purgatorio – translates as “Eggs in Purgatory” but I prefer to think “Egg in Mild-Peril” 🙂

To compliment the fennel seed and spicy, red pepper flavour in the sausage I made a rich tomato sauce with fennel. The crumbled sausage was mixed in and the hot ragù topped with eggs.

Frittata Cake

I don’t often post lunches, as they are normally just a salad assembly job, but today’s luncheon deserved its own photoshoot 🙂


Frittata and Salad

Uova in Purgatorio – deconstructed

Last night’s dinner was meant to be Uova in Purgatorio [posh baked eggs with homemade chorizo) but when it came to meal time I really didn’t fancy it, so instead I took it apart.

Using all the same ingredients I made mini-meatballs with the chorizo, roasted chunks of sweet potato dusted with paprika, a spicy tomato sauce to pour over the lot and finished it with 2 poached eggs. No pics as I was busy watching Eurovision but, to help you build your own mental image, it had a glass of Spanish rosé on the side 🙂


Well, if I say so myself the latest batch of meat and spinach muffins were a resounding success. This time I used frozen leaf spinach instead of the frozen chopped, which I found really messy when trying to squeeze out the water, and the finished texture is much less dense.

The pork version had Chinese 5 Spice added (just a teaspoon full) and it gave a tasty, but subtle, flavour – will be quite happy eating a couple of these for breakie.

The lamb version had garam masala and cayenne pepper, and chopped raisins. I went a bit heavy handed with the spice but the 50:50 lamb:spinach ratio seemed to handle it quite well. Those will do nicely for snacks with chutney 🙂

Another egg muffin recipe

I’ve had made a few attempts at savoury egg muffins, and had mixed results.

First time they were tasty enough but unfortunately the muffin tray just ended up in the bin – coconut flour sticks like dried Weetabix to a breakfast bowl.

Last time I used silicon muffin liners and was much more successful (probably as there was no coconut flour this time) but the recipe called for 3 big bags of frozen spinach, which seemed to take ages to thaw and squeeze all the water out, and I ended up eating them all week which got a bit boring.

This time I’m going to split the batch and do half with pork and the other half with lamb.