Low Carb, High Fat for ZAR40 / day?


Interesting topic on Twitter from Prof. Tim Noakes this week. Can a LCHF diet be maintained on ZAR40 / day?

On today’s exchange rate, ZAR40 ≈ £2.25 ≈ $3.67

Not sure if this is based on an individual, buying food every couple of days or a family doing a weekly or bi-weekly supermarket shop taking advantage of economies of scale, and obviously I’ve not taken into account buying power in each country.

We average £40/ week on food shopping. This covers 3 meals a day for 2 adults so approx. £2.85 per person, per day. And that’s without really trying to cut costs; just shopping at the supermarket and shopping to a list, rather than picking up all the BOGOFs.

Our menu is varied and, even though it doesn’t often feature steak anymore, we eat good quality protein with each meal.

Does not include beer and wine, but of course we shun booze on our Paleo/ Primal diet don’t we…. 🙂