Happy Birthday, Blog

Today marks a whole year since I started posting on a regular, if not daily, basis. The actual site started a few years earlier but life happens and priorities change.

So, what’s changed in a year? Well, I’ve not been snapped up as the next Nigel Slater so no living off my art just yet 😉  I started to work on my photos; better shots, more post-production, but it got to be a bit of a pain so I’m mostly just uploading straight from my little Nikon for posts. I may be doing a course to improve my skills, but got to put it in the queue with all the other must-dos.

Over the year, I’ve mostly stuck to the Paleo/ Primal plan but I can see where I’ve slipped up and what caused it. I assumed it would be holidays abroad, as I’m not home with my usual familiar resources, but actually that’s been fine.  At home, as long as I eat enough fat, I don’t get the munchies after dinner and I have the energy to give 100% at the gym. Where I have slipped up is the unexpectedly good Summer weather (= need a cold beer = ooh look, snacks!) and weeks where I’ve broken routine and not stocked up properly at the supermarket. All fixable 🙂

For the next 12 months I hope to be sticking to the food and exercise plans, but I’ll be branching out into Cross-Fit so I’ll be needing all the slow-carbs I can get!