Foodie Festivals

I’m having my annual quandary about attending the programme UK summer festivals – food festivals, of course.

Approach is thus:

  1. March/April. See adverts for early bird tickets – looks really exciting, beautiful people wandering around in the sunshine sipping bubbly and loads of yummy food on offer. Decide it’s too early to know quite how rainy Summer will be. Wait.
  2. May/ June. See promotions on food magazine sites for this summer’s events. Check out event site and ticket prices – too many options to choose from and which day to go??
  3. Talk myself out of going – too expensive for what you get, got to go into London for it, if it rains it’ll be a total waste.

Problem is, it costs me £25 just to get the train to London, then the entry tickets are about £20 so I’ve already spent £45 just to get there. Then the food (in tapas sized portions) are up to £7 a pop and drinks are on top of that. There are some fantastic restaurants, and some Michelin star chefs, involved but there must be a better way to do it ‽

There’s the usual trawl around Borough Market sampling, and occasionally buying, interesting nibbles but what else? Street Feast London has been on my to-do list for a while, but it’s way over in Dalston and only opens at 7pm.

The answer may lie with Kerb Food (formerly known as as they seem to have some of the same traders as Street Feast, but with more central locations and they start at lunchtime. Oooh, the possibilities 🙂