Day 4

Sunday’s are normally a 2-meal day for me; brunch and early dinner, with cheese and wine and choccy snacks up to Top Gear time. Didn’t get an early start today, but got a coffee around 10:30 before preparing a big brunch/ lunch ready for man getting back from his 2hr Sunday run. Weirdo. Sausage, bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomato to keep us going until dinner time.

My weekends are treat time, especially when the sun is shining and hubby is home to spend time together, and for us treats are usually food or drink based – surprised, eh?! Been thinking about the stuff I’m missing out on so have decided to make list as they come up and, if I still want them after the month is up, I’ll have them 1st September.

Some of it is just breaking habits and finding better alternatives, like for today’s brunch I thought a few Bellini’s would be a nice accompaniment. Stop! Have also been drinking a lot more water, and sticking to my alcoholic drinks limit. Just to be clear, I didn’t spend my evenings and weekends getting wasted down the pub, and I didn’t wake up for work with raging hangovers and the shakes. I just became aware that the number of ‘treats’ I was having during week (wine and snacks) were increasing, and add to that a regular 2 rounds at the pub on a Friday night plus a nice bottle of wine with weekend dinners – quality Pinot Noir, of course – soon adds up. Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t stop it being alcohol.

Have been surprised by my self-discipline with snacks; only pouring out half a packet of parsnip crisps and putting the rest away, not feasting on cheese and keeping the after dinner choc to 1 square. They may be Paleo-friendly but should still only be consumed in moderation.

Had a very virtuous dinner of grilled trout and 2 veg, so don’t feel quite so bad that I didn’t run at all this weekend. Have a nice bottle of beer in the fridge but saving it for later in the weekend when I’ll REALLY want it – god, that sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

No more than 1 latte a day = Achieved

Go out for a run 3 times a week = 1 run/ walk (but did take a long walk to Waitrose and back)

Limit alcohol to 7 units a week = 4 units total