Day 29

Positive day at work, which is nice. Couldn’t resist a chocolate dipped paleo macaroon with my morning cuppa 🙂

Some new lunch boxes I ordered arrived last night; annoyingly they’re smaller than I expected. Reviews said you can fit a generous sized lunch in – I don’t know what their idea of ‘generous’ is but it would barely take half my lunch salad. Tempted to return them, but might just keep for breakie on the go, or afternoon snacks, as they’re sooo cute

Smoked mackerel with eggs is fast becoming my favourite lunch, especially with Swedish mustard dressing. Lush and pretty darn healthy too.

Experimental dinner tonight; little meatballs made from boerwors in tomato sauce, w/roast butternut, broccoli and gem squash to help clear the fridge. Veg boxes arrive tomorrow and we still have way too much left 🙁