Day 30

Started day with best breakfast ever! Folded omelette with fresh tomato, peppers and crumbled boerwors 🙂

Had an egg muffin as a mid-morning snack – these were definitely worth the effort to have grab-and-go good food. Not normally a snacker, but trying to make sure I eat plenty and besides, these are really yummy. Health is important to me, but enjoying delicious food ranks higher in my list of priorities.

Much of the stuff on my ‘no-go’ list are actually things I never particularly enjoyed; like cheap cakes and bread stuff. Not to say I don’t enjoy a bit of cake, but it has to be good stuff and not just filled with bicarb and overly sweet. I do still get a fancy for pizza now and then, but if I think of the supermarket oven ready ones it turns my stomach.

Snuck in a coconut macaroon with my afternoon espresso – well, it is Friday.

Quite a lot of plantain chips with dip before dinner, oops. Nice, tasty pork larb with stir fried Chinese leaf cabbage and a couple of glasses of cava. Time for bed… zzzzzzzzzzz