Day 28

Another long drive this morning. Thankfully schools haven’t gone back yet, but does mean I’ll have to leave a lot earlier next week. Even after cooking up a storm at the weekend, the fridge is still crammed with veggies. Think it’s due to us having a couple of meals out over the bank holiday, but does mean I have to start upping the veg content of all our meals.

Lunch will have made a good dent in the stash – roast butternut squash, coleslaw, tomatoes, broad beans and peas, and braai chicken.

Trying to be a bit more domesticated so have scheduled a few cleaning tasks to get done in the evenings. Feel much more relaxed in a clean, tidy home. Tonight I will be mostly emptying the fridge and stock taking.

Dinner was a cottage pie, topped with shredded sweet potato and accompanied by sautéed red cabbage and green beans. A rather yummy (paleo) coconut macaroon for dessert too – I’m so spoilt 🙂