Day 27

Rather nice egg muffin with chorizo, pepper and onion for breakie, with fruit and yogurt. Did not want to get up – bank holiday weekends always do this to me. Just when I get used to not having to get up, POOF! time for work again.

Hot shower helped wake me up (thanks to hubby for fitting that over the weekend) but still hit the coffee bar before 10am looking for a caffeine fix.

Fortunately I put in the extra effort yesterday and had a yummy lunch to look forward to; roast butternut, feta, peppers and toasted pinenut salad, with a boerwors garnish 🙂 Colourful food always makes my day better – well, sometimes only my lunch ‘hour’ but still better than nothing.

Returned home to a stack of dishes, but tried to be disciplined and house proud and cleared the lot before turning on the TV. Kept dinner to 1 pan so I didn’t mess up my nice tidy kitchen; just some steamed veggies with cold, lamb and sweet potato koftas. Simples 🙂