Day 2

Dog tired this morning. Combination of the long driving, not sleeping well in this unexpected hot weather and I blame the running 🙂

Usual breakie with extra strawbs and pear Рleftovers from last week. Swapped my mid-morning latte break for a nice tea from the caf̩ Рless scum included than with the free vending machine offering.

Veggie box arrived this morning so get to compose menu for the week. Double deliveries of broad beans, beetroot, carrots and tomatoes, so will have to get creative. No idea what to do with gooseberries that doesn’t require a ton of sugar. Hmm, might take the same approach I used for the rhubarb.

Think I’ll treat myself to a beer tonight 🙂 Well, it is Friday.

Got prawn and avo salad, followed by chicken wings and slaw for dinner, so rounding out the day quite virtuous.

No more than 1 latte a day = Zero lattes today 🙂

Go out for a run 3 times a week = 1 run/ walk

Limit alcohol to 7 units a week = 2.2 units total