Visiting the Windsor & Eton Brewery today to get some supplies for the man of the house. Hoping they have a nice, light ale for me so I can have a couple over the weekend.

Decided to skip wine altogether this week as I’m going to want a few drinks in this lovely weather, and it’s just got too many units per glass. Interesting info on the Drink Aware site showing the difference in units between small and large sized glasses, and varieties of wine. Our local pub does serve the ‘small-small’ @ 125ml measures, but most pubs and restaurants don’t – if you ask for a ‘small’ you normally get 175ml – as opposed to a ‘large’ @ 250ml. That’s a 3rd of a bottle people!!!

Taking my usual, Chilean Sauvignon Blanc (13%) as an example:

125ml = 1.6 units (this is a bit scary as I’d always thought a small-small glass was 1 unit)

175ml = 2.3 units

250ml = 3.2 units (interesting – have just 1 of these and you’d be exceeding daily health guidelines, for a women)

Alternatively, if I switch to the lighter summer ales I like: (around 4%)

Half-pint = 1.1 units

Pint = 2.3 units

So based on these rough numbers, and my 7 unit/week limit, I can have 4 small-small glasses of wine or 6 half’s of ale over the week. Sounds reasonable enough 🙂