Day 17 & 18

Saturday was going to be a long day. Early morning park run, birthday party and shopping all to be done. Did have a little birthday cake (it’s the law!) but otherwise managed to eat plenty of good stuff with some red wine. Was feeling a bit lazy come dinner time so went for chicken wings, ribs and sweet potato wedges which could all be baked in the oven. Knocked up a batch of coconut flour egg muffins to have with breakfast this week. Had cooked up quite a storm on Friday night so had paleo-vegan carrot cake bites for dessert.

Sunday made sure we had snacks for the train journey (egg muffins and sausages) and got a big, cooked breakfast before a day at the rugby. Instead of getting burgers and stuff at the ground we had leftover lamb dosa, sausages, mini pork pies (party food) and nuts to snack on during the day, but still had a couple of beers too. By the time we got home, neither of us was particularly hungry, so just had a cup of tea before bed.