Day 16

Friday – tired and grumpy. Seems I wasn’t the only one to get tummy ache after last night. So maybe it wasn’t falling off the paleo-wagon that made me ill. Hmm?

After walking the length of campus and back again, I settled on chargrilled tuna steak, with roast sweet potato, butternut squash and some tomato and mozzarella salad for my lunch. Pretty good, but did hoover it. Really fancied a chocolate brownie after, but thought it better to wait an hour and see how lunch settled.

I did consider just having it, then not logging it here but that’s really not the point. I’m not writing this to impress other people with my will-power, and I don’t especially want their opinion or sarcastic, eye-rolling comments about “allergies” either. It’s for me to see how I feel when I make the effort to treat my body a little better. If I said I was just giving up fags or going veggie, people would say well done you! Giving up processed junk-food is apparently a bit of a joke.

So far, after 2 weeks, I’ve not always been very good at sticking to my plans and I’ve felt pretty rough afterwards, which is my own fault. Cause and effect 🙂 I don’t want to feel like a bloated, tired sad-sack of !*#@ so I’ll just have to try harder. Easier said than done when all I want to do tonight is eat pizza and chocolate! Yes, I am in a crappy mood.

Distracted myself my planning a dinner of yummy, snacky things that won’t leave me in pain. Nachos made with plantain chips with guacamole and salsa, lamb dosa with coconut and lime dip, and chocolate for dessert! Happy Chicken 🙂