Day 13

Didn’t sleep well last night (fear of over-sleeping) and had huge cravings all day for snacks. Usual breakfast of fruit and yogurt, and a beaker of tea for the drive. Good sized lunch salad with coleslaw and roast chicken. Still felt half starved.

Decided to make myself choose ONE snack to pick up on the way home out of all the stuff I thought I wanted, which was a big old list! Would it be pork scratchings, or kabanos? Babybel cheeses or dark chocolate? Went for all of the above, but only had a little of each. The rest will be my provisions for tomorrow’s long drive 🙁

Nice filling dinner of sausages and red cabbage sauerkraut, and a couple of small glasses of wine while watching Ultimate Braai Master on TV. Completely knackered so can’t make me feel worse. Might actually help me sleep.