Day 14

Actually slept through last night, having been sent to bed at 10pm and was out cold within 15mins. Will attribute to the fact I was so very, very tired last night and not the vino. Still had to be forcibly removed from the duvet this morning.

Fruit and yogurt down before hitting the road with a beaker of tea and a HunnyBunnySnackPack™ full of protein-based food, along with a tuna niçoise salad for my lunch. Thanks B! Have I mentioned, I have the world’s most amazing husband? 🙂 On customer site all day for back to back meetings, with practically no wi-fi – shock horror. So much to do and feel like my hands have been cut off. Broke a heel on the way in and tights got laddered before my 1st coffee of the day. Boo hoo – poor me. Right, time to put on my Big Girl pants and get on with it!


Got one of my favourite paleo dinner scheduled tonight; meatballs and tomato sauce with courgette noodles. Going to be getting home very late so hoping the maid will have sorted it by the time I get back. Not even pencilling in a walk/ run – not going to happen today. Must start eating earlier in the evening, but not possible when I’m away at customer sites. Need sleep…. got a hectic weekend planned now, so no idea when I’m going to catch up!