August Whole30

I’ll admit it. Clean June was not 100% successful, but it wasn’t far off and I learned a lot. Firstly I hadn’t factored in how lazy I really am and secondly, unlike me, I really hadn’t planned enough. Fail to plan…… etc.

As I appear to have nowt better to do with my time, I’m taking on a Whole30 for August and I’m taking my long-suffering hubby with me.

“It’s only 30 Days. I can do anything for 30 Days.”

In simple terms, Whole30 is an ultra-strict version of Paleo which cuts out many of the foods known to produce blood sugar spikes, cause systemic inflammation, or otherwise have a negative impact on health . The basic structure is the same, just 100% compliant, not “80:20”.  After the 30 days of “elimination diet” certain foods can be reintroduced to check how they effect you, if at all. Fingers crossed dairy and white potatoes have zero impact on me and I can continue to enjoy both. Occasionally, in moderation of course 🙂

Yes, I’m aware that some people might say “What’s the harm in one glass of wine?” “I’ve eaten cheese/ bread/ sugar cubes for years and I’m fine!”Life is too short to deprive yourself by restricted eating”. But we are not talking about Life. We are talking about 30 days.

What stays the same:

  • Eat meat, seafood and eggs
  • Lots of veggies
  • Some fruit
  • Plenty of good fats
  • No processed foods
  • No SWYPO, Paleo-ized foods e.g. fake pizza, fake cake etc.
  • No grains or legumes
  • No added sugar
  • No vegetable oils, inc. corn, safflower, sunflower etc.

What changes, for us:

  • No dairy
  • No alcohol (sob…)
  • No sugar of any kind, including honey
  • No soy (we’re quite minimal on this already – but coconut aminos is ridiculously expensive)
  • White potatoes (currently subject of hot debate in the Paleo community, but we’ll omit it to avoid temptation in the form of the chip)

Things I need to do:

  1. Write up meal plan for 2 weeks
  2. Make a plan for days 4-7 which, I’ve read, is the period I will want to KILL ALL THE THINGS!
  3. Create shopping list
  4. Go shopping
  5. Schedule a prep day Saturday or Sunday to get as much as possible ready

We’ll officially start Saturday 2nd and end Sunday 31st August 🙂