Weekly prep

It was a rainy Friday afternoon. The sky grey and foreboding. I fancied a jacket potato for my lunch because I was cold, and had just taken beating at the gym, but seemed a bit of a waste to have the oven on for an hour just to make lunch so I got organised. For the week ahead I need roast veggies for dinners (and some mashed) and I had picked up some extras from the supermarket because they looked so nice.

  • 4 x Sweet potatoes, whole @ 50-60mins
  • 2 x Aubergine, cut in half lengthways and scored @ 25-30mins
  • 3 x Courgette, in half inch dics @ 15-20mins
  • ½ Swede, diced @ 30mins
  • ½ Celeriac, diced @ 30mins

Now, the devil makes work for idle paws so the other halves of celeriac and swede were steamed, separately, and mashed before freezing flat in baggies. It’s a messy job I’d rather get out of the way, and they can be thawed quickly and reheated with butter when required.

All the roast veg is in the fridge to be sautéed with breakfast, served cold with lunch or added as a dinner side.

Time well spent, me thinks  – now just to clear the washing up and I’m sorted 🙂