New Year, new start

Ok, so I’ve left my New Year start a little late but it is only 3rd!

Xmas always puts me out of sorts. What day is it? In short, I’ve stuffed up my usual organised shopping and eating routine over the holidays. Yummy festive leftovers have been the base for most meals. Not entirely my fault; shops are silly busy and stock levels unpredictable.  Weather has been hazardous too so, for my own safety, I couldn’t venture out to the market.

Back to school on Monday, so no more loafing and grazing. Time to pull up the metaphorical socks. I considered doing a Whole30 reset for January but the restrictions make me want to cry; no nuts and seeds, no cheese, no wine, no coffee?!

My plan is to get my 4 weeks of real-food menus drafted, and get as much prep done as possible at the weekends so we won’t be caught out Mid-week when we’re too tired to think about food. Week 3 will be a tough one as I’m home alone and have tendency to not be bothered to eat properly. Dinner party anyone?