Let’s get started

The resolutions might be for August, but thought it best to get started while I’m still sold on the idea. Went for a run last night, for the first time in over a month, so today everything hurts. Struggled to get out of bed with my early alarm – going to be a tough day.

0700 Fruit salad w/ Greek yoghurt, and tea-to-go.

0900 Latte.

1030 Getting a bit bored. Fancy a snack. Having a mug of hot water instead.

1100 Got a meeting – that’ll distract me for a while.

1200 Peckish – fancy a tea but forgot to bring teabags. Hot water it is….

1230 Lunchtime! Frittata (sausage, chorizo, red pepper, onion, broccoli) with coleslaw salad. Nearly added some cheese, but then thought better of it. Didn’t need it. So yummy, I almost forgot to chew. Lush.

1300 Another meeting in a freezing cold room.

1330 Meeting cancelled – perfect moment for a sneaky cuppa. Think I may have a bit of a tea dependency. Will have to add that to the resolutions list too. Starting to yawn a lot. Drink more water……

1600 All meeting finished. Feeling very sleepy and have a long drive home ahead of me. Might have to get coffee and a snack en-route, for safety purposes.

1900 Made it home in 1 piece but consumed a bag of 6 mini babybel cheeses, a packet of beef jerky and a bag of pork scratchings while in transit 🙁

2100 Late dinner of mushroom and chicken liver stroganoff with cauliflower rice, and a small bottle of beer (1.5 units).

Overall, just as well the resolutions only start tomorrow!