How to be a Domestic Goddess

Following a few weeks off, trying to adjust to an office-free existence, I finally got my backside in gear and invested a whole day in the kitchen. As a result, my freezer is now full to bursting and I have a whole month’s dinners planned!


2 x Lamb curry
2 x Pork cheek and chorizo carnitas
3 x West African Chicken stew
5 x beef and pork ragu
3 x Lamb bobotie
1kg Czech meatballs
Jerk seasoned, shredded ham hock
Bora bora fireballs (pork and pineapple meatballs)
Grilled chicken thighs
Spanish pork casserole
Farm shop beef meatballs


Sorted. I like to be ahead of the curve, but if I have to chop another onion any time soon I may go postal 🙂