Happy Anniversary, Hunny Bunny

Today marks 6 years since I married my wonderful husband. It’s also 15 years this month since I met my Grok in a bar. He banged me on the head, dragged me home with him and we’ve been together ever since. It might have been the other way round…… 😉

He’s not let himself go at all 🙂 In fact he’s become a lean, mean marathon running and cross-fit machine and I’ve learned to be a number 1 fan-wife. He puts up with my duvet days, makes a top-notch cup of tea and knows better than to ask when dinner will be ready. As well as educating me in the ways of the S’African, he’s introduced me to the Paleo lifestyle and has even got me to enjoy running. Oops, and he managed my blog too!

It’s never been an easy ride, and we’ve weathered more cr*p over the years than most people, but I wouldn’t swap him for the world – but it would be nice if the next 15 years could be a little kinder to us.

You and me against the universe, B!

mwah x


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  1. It’s not quite 15 since you met – got another 19 days to go!
    I love you guys, and I love this post. Xxxx

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