Day 22

Very nice omelette with chorizo and fresh tomato for breakie – good start but banging headache stuck around most of the day. Not even finished the month, but already planning for September to be an eat-whatever-the-heck-I-want month – highly unlikely that I’ll be able to convince the OH that this is a good idea!

Had yummy smoked mackerel salad with Swedish mustard dressing for lunch, and managed to decline the most amazing looking chocolate brownies baked by a colleague. Smelled divine, but I think that much sugar would be a mistake right now – boing boing boing!!!

Veg box delivery arrives tomorrow and the fridge is still jam packed with stuff, so dinner will be left over beef stew with as many veg as I can sneak in. The hard stuff is fine, I can just freeze it, but there’s not a lot you can do with lettuce and celery – without a lot of dip 🙂 A couple of glasses of red wine, and gooseberry fool to complete – yumm.