Day 21

Woke up absolutely starving. Don’t know how – ate tons yesterday. Got to make another batch of egg muffins, and start eating 2 with breakie. Bank holiday long weekend ahead, so trying to write a big to do list and get through all the little tasks that have been annoying me while I have the energy. Moved in 9 years ago, and still have no pictures hung in the living room or bedrooms! It’s the onset of Winter – puts me into nesting mode 🙂

Filling chopped salad with tuna, egg and cheese for lunch kept me going for a bit, but the thought of driving so close to a McDonalds was very tempting. Why? No idea – I don’t even like McFood. Went to a colleague’s leaving drinks after work so had a nice glass of wine and a bowl of sweet potato fries – love that pubs do these now. Home early to make dinner (chicken and mushroom stroganoff with cauliflower rice) and off to bed at a reasonable hour. Still not run all week, but tomorrow is a new week 🙂